Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I got served - oh, I mean tagged.

Jeff tagged Lee, then Lee (http://leeontherun.blogspot.com/) tagged me! Fun! So, here are a few tidbits for your Tuesday reading pleasure...

1) What are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
- Marrying my best friend!
- Learning how to run and sticking with it.
- Snuggling with my kitty! (I have to throw that in because we had to put her to sleep yesterday. It was awful and I won’t be talking about it, but you might want to get caught up.)

2) What are your running goals for 2011?
- Cooper River Bridge Run
- Half Marathon (yikes!)
- Sprint triathalon
- Dare I shoot for a 10 minute Magnificent Mile?

3) What is your favorite race?
Wow. That’s like picking a favorite child. I have enjoyed all 4 for various reasons.
Women’s Distance Festival – 1st race, near and dear to my heart
Monster Dash – Got to play dress up! Also, best tshirt.
Charleston Turkey Trot – made it in under 40 minutes!
Reindeer Romp – New trail with a great new friend that I met because of running. Plus, it supported girls on the run. Also, cute tshirt.

4) What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
All sweet things, but I think the best is either the pretzel/jello salad we have on Christmas or the birthday cake we have because it’s my little sister’s birthday on the 25th!

Oh. And Candy Cane Joe Joes. Duh.

5) What was your most embarrassing running moment?
My pants fell down on my second group run. I ran with my undies hanging out for like half a mile. FINALLY someone behind me spoke up. It took forever for someone to say something!
Drawstring FAIL.

So now it's my turn... and I choose...
Regan. Obv. http://regansruminations.blogspot.com/
Robin http://www.runningcirclesaroundtheturtles.com/
B, my most fav. running cousin. Usually she writes about mommy stuff, but she's a runner too!



  1. Great post - I love pretzel jello and it's not TOO bad for you!

  2. BOOM: http://newmannclann.blogspot.com/2010/12/o-snizzy-snap-i-got-tagged.html

  3. Sarah,
    Great list! It's always fun to learn more about our buddies in the running/bloggy world. :)

    Thanks so much for tagging me. I promise to share my list this week. And without further convo, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I had to put my kitty down in 1997, when she was 9 y/o. Her cancer tumor was so advanced she was suffering. It was The Most Horrible event in my life (and I've been divorced... was worse than that). Sending you hugs and 'kitty mama prayers.' I get it. :(

    Seriously?? A half mile before anyone said anything? I think I'd find new running buddies ... good gosh!

    And finally, best for last: CONGRATS on your nuptials. That's awesome. I married my BFF in 2007, and have felt blessed ever since. :):)

    BTW: Santa dropped me a note. Said your package has been in transit since Monday... should arrive anytime now! The reindeer must be goofing off this year?? I heard Blitzen played hooky.

    *hugs* from Orlando (new) friend...

  4. Sorry about your kitty, so sad.
    Nice to learn a little more about you too.

  5. oh and what is this pretzle jello stuff?

  6. a) Your "starting to run" story so mirrors my own and I play cello...well, sort of.
    b) This is a little freaky but I was looking on Etsy today for a BIRD necklace to buy just for fun...how stinking weird is that?
    c) Do you live by a Lush store? I AM SO JEALOUS!
    d) What the heck are Candy Cane Joe Joes and where can I get one?
    e) I'm so so sorry about your cat. I had to put our sweet dog down in Spring this year and it is just the worst. My thoughts are flying to your comfort as I write....

  7. Love the Candy Cane Joe Joes...I miss living near a Trader Joes!