Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm still here!

But it's been busy, and I've been really exhausted.  Work has been really crazy.  I haven't been writing here because I haven't been doing much running. 

I finally got back to it today.  Just a shortie - 2 miles 1:1 with Shruthi (she's easing back in - good excuse for me to take it easy, too!) then another mile walk.  Then we hit the farmer's market for barrels of goodies.

It felt great.  I HAVE to make myself get up and go to the gym this week. 

But, in other news, I've actually lost a couple of pounds!  So maybe eating everything is actually good for you?  haha.  Probably not.  I'll pay for this later.  :-)

Hope y'all are well!