Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running for 2 - Women's Program 2012

A slightly random update today...

So far, this year the Women's Beginning Running Group is doing SO well!  I think everyone is having a wonderful time.  Regan is doing a magnificent job coordinating the program.  Definitely putting her Type A tendencies to work! 

I'm running with D group this year because I'm supposed to take it a bit easy with the baby on board.  We've got a great group and they're improving a little each week.  They killed it up the big hill at Creekside today.

The group is going to be featured in Competitor Magazine!  We had a photographer come to take pictures today.  I'm glad we had a big group - probably close to 50 people.  It's been ridiculously hot, so I'm really glad people are sticking with it. 

Also, did I mention that it's been RIDICULOUSLY HOT?  I know, I know, NC in the summer.  But still. 

So far, I've felt pretty good about running with the baby.  I am being careful to hydrate a lot and not get *too* overheated - though I will admit I was pretty red-faced last Thursday!  I felt fine, but I was a little paranoid, so I'll be more careful from now on on the very hottest days.  I think the increase in exercise is helping me sleep, too, which is a major benefit.  It gives me a boost of energy right after, but I think I'm falling asleep faster.

As for weight gain, which, of course, I'm paranoid about, I've only gained 4 pounds, so I feel pretty good about that.  I'm trying not to gain more than 25 per the Doctor's recommendations.  We'll see.  I could eat carbs ALL DAY.  And there are a lot of veggies I'm still not interested in.  Especially spinach - which is weird, because that used to be my favorite!

I'm also trying to up my ab exercises - so far, so good.  I'm sitting on a ball at work too in hopes to get that core strength up just a hair. 

I've got to learn how to sleep on my side this week... every time I try, I wake up flat on my back.  I hear that it will be uncomfortable eventually, but that's not the case so far.

Anywhoo, I'm just glad everyone knows now and I can talk about it!  :-)