Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The problem with weight-lifting

is that you GAIN weight. Like, kind of a lot. 3 weeks ago Alisha and I started a kick but intense weight training program provided by an olympic runner. Seriously. She ran. In the olympics. And now she's helping us lift weight to become better runners. Super cool.

And it's working. I know because:

  • I am SORE after each workout. They tell me that's the muscles repairing themselves.
  • I retain a lot of water - also apparently due to the muscles rebuilding.
  • I've gained about 4 pounds. Now, this is annoying. I know that muscles weighs more than fat and you have to build it up to increase your metabolism, but it still sucks to put that into the weight tracker. Preston has to remind me of this just about every day. But since I'm eating well and working out more, I'm 99% sure the gain is not from some fast food binge.
  • Running up hills is easier. Alisha and I ran 6 miles on Sunday - many of those miles were straight up a mountain. And, believe it or not, my legs were stronger. Boo. Ya.
Anyone else had some weight gain when they started weight training? I did some with the new rules of weight lifting, but what we're doing now is way more intense, so I'm really banking that the increase in effort will lead to greater results (and eventually some weight loss.)


Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm still here!

Hey, all! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Charlotte last weekend for a fun weekend with some family, then the 2011 Conference & Public Policy Forum for NC's Nonprofit Sector last week (my work's big event) and Knoxville for the weekend for some quality friend time. Quite the whirlwind, but all of it a lot of fun.

In Knoxville on Sunday, Alisha and I ran 6 miles - a very HILLY 6 miles. I haven't run anything more than about 4 since the half, so this was definitely pushing it. (we have a 10k next weekend - eep.) I was pretty impressed with how good I felt. I think the weightlifting we've been immersed in has helped. My muscles definitely felt stronger going up those big 'ol mountains. Bonus, we got to run up to this really cool dairy barn - twice.

Time to give a major shout out to the ladies of NCRC Beginner Women's Running Program. Ya'll I'm sorry I missed the race on Saturday, but I hear that you KILLED IT. I have some tips for you for keeping it up.

1- Find a friend or partner. If you're responsible for their fitness and running, you'll be less apt to bail.
2- Set a schedule. Write it in your calendar. Set your phone alarm. Treat it like a meeting or something you can't skip. Because you can't.
3- That said, when you do need to skip, don't beat yourself up about it. Jump right back in. Go take a walk if you can't run. Just getting out there and moving will keep the momentum going.
4- Get ready for colder weather. You don't need lots of stuff - but get a long sleeve shirt and some long pants. I also recommend smartwool socks. Running in the fall and winter is a BLAST. Once you get out there, you'll have a great time. It's just the getting out of bed and out into 30 degree weather thing that can be a barrier.
5- Sign up for races. Lots of them. There are tons of them. I did one a month through June (summer is hard - fewer races, and wicked hot). I tried different races for different causes in different places. On deck for me - the Scrub 10k and Turkey Day Race in Charleston. Explore new places! Make a weekend of it!
6- Celebrate. You are awesome for getting started. In comparison, keeping it going is a breeze. Enjoy!