Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just get me through next week...

So, long time, no blog. Because my. work. is. insane.

My job is pretty sensible 90% of the time. I work hard, put in my 4o hours, head home, have a life.

Well, last week, this week and next week - well, that's the other 10%.

It is hectic, scrambled and incredibly stressful.

But you know what? I am handling it well. And you know why? I am still finding time to run. In fact, I just plain told my boss I had to leave because I HAD to run. I think she gets it. I am pretty sure she knows that if I don't get my miles in, that I'll implode. I'm glad she understands.

This time the last 3 years, I was so stressed that I ate terribly, bitched and moaned, slept like crap, and job searched in all of my free time. This year, because my stress management is so much better, I'm OK.

It's just one more example of how running has impacted my day-to-day life. And, the running itself is getting better, too! We ran 4 yesterday - a nice 11:45 pace. Did you read that, friends?

11:45 pace.

When I ran my first 5k it was about 13:40. Hello measurable progress! So nice that you keep showing your lovely face!

I'm off to "crazy awful meeting #2" - #3 rears its ugly head next week. I'll check back then.

Keep pounding the pavement folks! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Ros, over at Life's a Wheeze awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award! Fun! I've been delinquent in getting this up, but here it is - better late than never.

Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:
-Make this a post and link back to the person who gave the award to you
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 5 great bloggers.
-Contact the bloggers to tell them they've won!

So. 7 things. Like, 7 interesting things?

1. I had a full scholarship to college to play the violin. It didn't last. I love being a musician (I have been playing since I was 3!) but the life of a music major is so hard and I wasn't happy. Ironically, I went on to play professionally for about 3 years. I still teach part time because I can.

2. I used to play violin in a rock band. I recorded 2 albums with them. They are called American Aquarium and they are doing really well! They tour a lot, so the lifestyle didn't really work for me. It was a really fun time and I'm very proud of them.

3. My family is huge. And amazing. I'm really close to my extended family - think 2nd and 3rd cousins. We all have houses on the Pungo River, so we all grew up with each other. I am incredibly lucky to have them. I'm honestly closer to some of my cousins than a lot of people are to their brothers and sisters. It's pretty cool. Also, the River has many, many water toys, so that's awesome too.

4. I make stained glass windows for fun. It is hard, and it takes forever, but they look really cool. I have only ever given away one large window that I gave to my mother-in-law at our wedding rehearsal dinner. She cried. I don't think I could sell them because I get too attached. Also, I'm not artistic - just crafty. I can follow a pattern like a CHAMP.

5. My favorite snacks are Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. I haven't had them in years. I used to hide empty boxes under my bed. Seriously. I could eat like 8 in a sitting. But I don't. (anymore)

6. My husband is my best friend in the whole wide world. We met at a gig playing music at his church. We both randomly went to Moe's, ordered the same thing, and then he asked me out. Turns out, we should have known each other when we were both up at Appalachian; we were in the same room plenty of times and had a lot of the same friends. Freaky! I knew I would marry him the first week we dated. Married life is fabulous and I just wish everyone could be as happy as we are. Sappy, but true.

Last but not least, the 7th interesting thing...

7. My mom is my hero, my dad is my idol, and my sister is my rock. I won the family lottery when I was born, and then won it again when I married into the Willcox/Donnalley clan. I am one, very lucky girl.

Now, it's my turn...

Alissa at A Journey to Thin because she has come a wicked-long way, and inspires me.

Regan, of course!

Brandy, my cousin, because she's a big part of the reason I wanted to run, and I love how much I have learned from her about being a mommy.

Alisha, because she needs to update her blog...

and Cynthea, my bloggy exchange buddy, because she's full of awesome and just signed up for a marathon.

10 K on a Thursday

Woot! I know, I've been like, not around. But I have been running. And I have been keeping up with the WW. Some fun things to share:

Prom party was AWESOME. So much better than the actual prom. Brendan and Lauren were perfect hosts. Check out the awesome balloon ceiling!

Like my dress? Not very prommy, but I neede an excuse to spend money at Banana Republic. Sort of an akward pose though... oh well.

And, though we did drink kind of a lot, Alisha and I still got up and ran 4.5 miles on Sunday! And, bonus! Got to go to Jester's Cafe - my most favorite brunch place EVER.

Monday I did my weigh - in... I hit 5% lost! Sooo close to 10 lbs. I can taste it.

Wheezy is doing splendidly. She is cuddled on my chest right now.

Tax season has started so Ultra-Supportive Husband is working long days but his spirits are high.

All of my runs this week stood out in their own ways. Sunday, obviously, was amazing because it would have been SO easy to bail on our run after a night of, uh, fun. Monday, it was so cold and drizzly. Again, easy to bail. But, I called Regan and when I asked, "So, what about the rain?" she said, "I was gonna suck it up buttercup."

*sigh* So that's what we did!
And today, because we were feeling froggy and R had to go out of town this weekend, we did our long run today - 6.2 miles! 13.1 feels so attainable. It is such an amazing feeling.

When I think about how much my attitude and general outlook on life has changed since I started running, it's honestly a little overwhelming. I am so relaxed at work - almost nothing bothers me. I don't complain about being fat, because, come on, if you can run 6 miles, you can't be that out of shape! Good lord I love running.

I think I need to change the name of my blog to "Running from Zombies," because now I do run, even when not being chased. Thoughts?
Oh, and Ros - I'm totally gonna answer the questions (she nominated me for stylish blogger! How cool!) but I've got to draft them first. haha.

TGIF - I hope that wherever you are, your weather is taking a turn for the better like ours is! We've got a full week of 60s heading our way. HOORAY!!!

I leave you with a picture of my super-cute girlies from last weekend.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Lots of updates!

Oh, y'all, it has been a busy week. I'll start where I left off...

Saturday - NHL All Star 5k! Great race with Regan, Shruthi and Alisha. Cute t-shirt. Bonus medal! After that we went downton for all of the activities and fan fair. It was sorta cool, but the lines were all SUPER long, thereby making a lot of the stuff not worth it. We opted to go to the red carpet event at the arena instead.

Now THAT was worth it! Thanks to me being super-short, some nice fellow let me stand in front of me as the all stars came into the arena. I got to see every single one! Right up close! I opted against signatures and took pictures instead.

Sunday - We hung around the house and walked the 3.5 miles to a bar near the mall to meet our friends for the All Star game. It felt good to walk to a destination and leave the car parked. We'll do that agian. The weather was 65 degrees, so it was nice to enjoy a tease of spring.

Monday - I crapped out on a run with Regan. I just wasn't feeling that great. Also, it had turned cold again, and I was sorta bitter about it.

Tuesday-Thursday - worked. A lot. I got a promotion at work (yay me!) so there was even more excitement than usual. I'm excited about my new position, but it's a bit daunting still. Had a great Wednesday run (it was 71 degrees!!!) and ran with Regan yesterday (cold again.)

Today the weather is AWFUL. 33 degrees and pouring rain. I know it's better than those of you stuck in a blizzard, but I can't get warm!

Wheezy is still doing well. She got to stay out of her room during the day this week and had the run of the place. No couch damage to report and she didn't use the bathroom anywhere but in her box! Hooooray!!!

This weekend, heading to wilmington for a prom theme party. Good times. Hoping to run with Alisha and Jade on Saturday or Sunday. Wilmington is nice and flat!

Happy running!