Thursday, July 29, 2010

One down, nine to go.

7 days. 4 runs. Who's the man?

This guy!!!!

When I last blogged, I had run at 6 am. Well, guess what? I did it again Tuesday! Fo reals! I did 2 miles, by myself, at 6 in the morning.

Who's the man?

Ok, I could go on like that for like every tiny accomplishment of the week, but I won't.

Tonight we had another group run - it was hotter than hell. Again. Running in 70 degress is going to feel amazing.

We increased our interval tonight - 2 minute run, 1 minute walk. Eek. Much, much harder. (Preston says I get bonus points because it was wicked hot) My troupe and I did manage to keep up for about the first mile - hey! Progress is progress!

After our run we had a great speaker - Alison from Interact. She's one of us - that is, a beginning runner - and also one of us - a nonprofit fundraiser. Interact is a domestic violence shelter and counseling facility that we are running for on Sept. 25th.

Did you know that 1 in 4 women will be subject to abuse in their life? Last year, Interact served 42,000 people right here in Raleigh. To give you an idea of how may people that really is, 42,000 is the total combined student population of NCSU, Meredith, Peace, Shaw, Saint Aug's, plus another 3,000 people. Domestic abuse knows no race, class, or education level. And when something does happen, they can turn to Interact to help them learn how to move on.

They work with 8 other nonprofit organizations in the same building (it's an amazing model - the nonprofit geek in me LOVES it) and they do incredible work in our community. Learning to run is one thing - putting that registration money down and pounding the pavement for Interact? Now that's a concept I can get behind.


Monday, July 26, 2010

The 6 am run. Not as bad as you'd think.

Except that it was still 82 degrees and humid as hell. Thank god for group A - they scared away all of the snakes.

Mostly, I was just super impressed that Shruthi and I made it out of bed and - enthusiasticaly, I might add - ran (ok, just know that when I say "ran" I mean interval run/walk) a mile before the sun came up. Ok, that's not a lot of distance, but it's still a hell of a way to start the day. I was even early to work!

I got another running outfit from the TJMax - always a fun way to spend a lunch hour. Being well outfitted, comfortable, and confident makes a difference.

Thursday might be tough - we're going around lake lynn (that's the place with the snakes!) but there is safety in numbers. It's a much hillier path and longer. Group C will persevere!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Group C - juuust right.

So, this morning was our first group run/walk. I've discovered that this is a real bonding experience already - and it begins with shoes. We apparently all ran off to the Athlete's Foot yesterday to find proper footwear. When we arrived at the run site, there was a lot of comparing going on. "Do you pronate?" 48 hours ago I would have thought that was some sort of political strategy. Quote of the morning, courtesy of Danielle, "Holy pronation, Batman!"

After our clothing comparison, we divided into groups. Group A - those of us most fit, Group B - Where Shruthi and Vinaya ended up, Group C - woot woot! and Group D - the true beginners.

My group was like a good bowl of porridge - just right. We did a warm up walk, and then did 1-1 intervals for 1.25 miles and walked the last 3/4 mile. I was doing so well, I didn't even realize we were running for a minute at a time! I thought it was only 30 seconds! This was a MAJOR revelation at the end of the run.

It is fantastic to run with a good group of women who are at the same level as you are. You complain together and encourage each other. And then at the end your promise to call at 5:30 a.m. on a Monday to get each other out of bed.

How is it possible that I'm excited to do this all again at the crack of dawn at the beginning of the work week?


PS, no snakes today. Lots of sweat though. LOTS. It's really gross.

PPS, new shoes made a BIG difference. My feet feel much better than they did on Thursday.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 1. Why am I doing this again?

Ok, my steely resolve has been tested in only 4 hours!

First, I met Shruthi and Vanaya (I need to learn how to spell her name) at Lake Lynn community center. With 75 other women. Seriously. Of all shapes and sizes you have ever imagined. We got t-shirts, packets, motivational talks, and a lesson on shoes. (I'm going shopping tomorrow. For non-cotton clothing and better shoes. These are things I did not know.)

Our first "official" club run is Saturday. But S, V and I decided that we were feeling spry.

Let me set the stage. It was a beautiful 2 3/4 mile paved trail. Tons of ducks, a nice great blue heron, and turtles! (my favorite!)

Also, it was 89 degrees. And there were copperheads. Which, actually made us run faster so I guess that's not so bad...

We ran 90 secs and walked 2 minutes. I kept up for the first 4 or so cycles, then I was more like, run for 90 secs, walk for 3-4 minutes. I didn't get too far behind, but didn't quite keep up either. But, y'all. It was like 100 degrees.

Ok, so you know that expression "It'll melt your face!" It is typically used when describing some awesome music, like say, "Michael Buble will melt your face!" Ok, terrible example, but you get my point. I kid you not, there was a point when I thought my face was actually going to melt off it was so hot. This was about 3/4 of the way through the trail... I think hell probably feels a lot like that.

I'm looking forward to Saturday. Better weather, even more support, shorter run, smaller intervals. Oooh, and new shoes! If I can run today, with snakes, Everything else will be a breeze, right?

I'ma go take some advil.


It's 99 degrees. Let's run!

Ok. So. When my good friend Shruthi suggested this whole, running club, thang, it sounded highly entertaining! That's an exaggeration. It sounded like something I should try to do anyways.

Here's the challenge:
10 weeks
Learn how to run safely, increase your speed and time, and run a 5k at the end.
You'll have a mentor and no one runs alone.
This group is for beginners. Thank god.

About me:
I haven't run more than a mile since the 5th grade when we had to. My legs are like 2 feet long. I've never really been "in shape" since high school. I do, however, eat pretty well and I do work out 2-3 times a week, so I'm not a total couch potato.

I work for a nonprofit and play the violin. That has nothing to do with running.

My father-in-law is 52 and runs 100 mile races. Up mountains. That has nothing to do with me, but it is sort of wild.

Tonight we have our first group meeting. Shruthi and I are going to run (ok, probably walk - it is, afterall 99 degrees)but there is no structured group run. Our first real run is Saturday.

I want to chronicle this experience because I've been your classic "non-runner" my whole life. Hence, the title of this blog. Frankly, if I can do it, anyone can.

So. 99 degrees. I'm going running. (in my head that sounded just like Forrest Gump.)