Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 K on a Thursday

Woot! I know, I've been like, not around. But I have been running. And I have been keeping up with the WW. Some fun things to share:

Prom party was AWESOME. So much better than the actual prom. Brendan and Lauren were perfect hosts. Check out the awesome balloon ceiling!

Like my dress? Not very prommy, but I neede an excuse to spend money at Banana Republic. Sort of an akward pose though... oh well.

And, though we did drink kind of a lot, Alisha and I still got up and ran 4.5 miles on Sunday! And, bonus! Got to go to Jester's Cafe - my most favorite brunch place EVER.

Monday I did my weigh - in... I hit 5% lost! Sooo close to 10 lbs. I can taste it.

Wheezy is doing splendidly. She is cuddled on my chest right now.

Tax season has started so Ultra-Supportive Husband is working long days but his spirits are high.

All of my runs this week stood out in their own ways. Sunday, obviously, was amazing because it would have been SO easy to bail on our run after a night of, uh, fun. Monday, it was so cold and drizzly. Again, easy to bail. But, I called Regan and when I asked, "So, what about the rain?" she said, "I was gonna suck it up buttercup."

*sigh* So that's what we did!
And today, because we were feeling froggy and R had to go out of town this weekend, we did our long run today - 6.2 miles! 13.1 feels so attainable. It is such an amazing feeling.

When I think about how much my attitude and general outlook on life has changed since I started running, it's honestly a little overwhelming. I am so relaxed at work - almost nothing bothers me. I don't complain about being fat, because, come on, if you can run 6 miles, you can't be that out of shape! Good lord I love running.

I think I need to change the name of my blog to "Running from Zombies," because now I do run, even when not being chased. Thoughts?
Oh, and Ros - I'm totally gonna answer the questions (she nominated me for stylish blogger! How cool!) but I've got to draft them first. haha.

TGIF - I hope that wherever you are, your weather is taking a turn for the better like ours is! We've got a full week of 60s heading our way. HOORAY!!!

I leave you with a picture of my super-cute girlies from last weekend.


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  1. Congrats on the 5%..that's AMAZING! I think you should keep the title...I dig it. :)