Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just get me through next week...

So, long time, no blog. Because my. work. is. insane.

My job is pretty sensible 90% of the time. I work hard, put in my 4o hours, head home, have a life.

Well, last week, this week and next week - well, that's the other 10%.

It is hectic, scrambled and incredibly stressful.

But you know what? I am handling it well. And you know why? I am still finding time to run. In fact, I just plain told my boss I had to leave because I HAD to run. I think she gets it. I am pretty sure she knows that if I don't get my miles in, that I'll implode. I'm glad she understands.

This time the last 3 years, I was so stressed that I ate terribly, bitched and moaned, slept like crap, and job searched in all of my free time. This year, because my stress management is so much better, I'm OK.

It's just one more example of how running has impacted my day-to-day life. And, the running itself is getting better, too! We ran 4 yesterday - a nice 11:45 pace. Did you read that, friends?

11:45 pace.

When I ran my first 5k it was about 13:40. Hello measurable progress! So nice that you keep showing your lovely face!

I'm off to "crazy awful meeting #2" - #3 rears its ugly head next week. I'll check back then.

Keep pounding the pavement folks! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures!

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  1. You will make it! I am so proud of all that we have accomplished!