Friday, May 27, 2011

There are a LOT of runners in DC.

So. Work took me to DC this week for the National Council of Nonprofits annual conference. Pretty cool. Awesome to see all of my other nonprofit association buddies from around the country and to learn from them.

We also did a little lobbying up on the hill - and by little, I mean, our team of four had meetings with 11 of NC's 15 senators and congressmen (or their staff) and dropped off materials for the other 4. We are overachievers. This is a part of my job that I do once a year, but it is a rush. Not many 28-year-old women get to do that kind of stuff. (looooots of white men on the hill still - in office, working for them, lobbying them. Hellllloooo glass ceiling.)

Anywhoo, that's not why I wanted to write. I had a GREAT run in DC! Ok, it was mostly great because it was mostly a sight-seeing adventure (see excellent iphone pics shown here), not because I had any stellar run time or anything. (And actually, my pants were falling down because I brought the ones that I've shrunk out of. I mean, hooray for shrinking out of pants, but boo for having those with you on a trip. So, there was a lot more walking than running as to avoid a free show for the whitehouse security cameras.)

Anywhoo, I got to see a pretty nice chunk of the city. And there are a TON of runners on the mall at 6 am. Probably hundreds. And sometimes they travel in packs. It was a pretty great place to run, and it helped me get some of my nervous energy out before our meetings on Capitol Hill. Also, made me free from the guilt of the pasta/wine dinner I had 2 nights in a row...

Today, I have the day off due to travel/comp time from my trip. The gym will happen. Farmers market, too. Then, it's off to the River for some R&R while Preston and my dad head to the Coca-Cola 600. (They know NOTHING about nascar, so for them, this is strictly a cultural experience.)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. Haha, a cultural experience! I hope they took ear protection.