Monday, August 15, 2011

oh, hai!

I've whined about board meetings here before - well last week we had another one. It feels like they're every other week! And, my godfather passed away last week so we had the funeral on Monday. Plus, we had the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference and my boss' new assistant started Friday!

So. I'm taking today off.

Tomorrow, too.

Because I need a nap!

I ignored weight watchers last week pretty much, but I did say "no" to some easily accessible goodies, so it was still a WIN in my book. I hit the gym pretty hard Friday and Sunday, so I think I got a little boost - hopefully Wednesday's weigh in won't be so bad.

Also, we got another kitten this weekend! This is Lucy! Not a great picture, but she doesn't sit still very long. Wheezy is still a little bit unsure, but in the grand scheme of things, they've been pretty chill around each other. Where Wheezy is on wide open ALL THE TIME, Lucy LOVES to snuggle. It's a fun balance if you ask me!

The beginners group is still doing really well - they are up to 2:30/1 intervals and 2.5 miles. This morning, the ladies in group C killed it! (Bonus that it was 66 degrees - the coolest it has been in a while!)

I've got some pain in the side of my foot - same I had during half-marathon training. I'm probably going to see a doc just in case. It could be nothing, or it could be something. Who knows. It took a few weeks after the half for it to feel better, so I'd rather learn how to prevent it from happening than to keep having to rest. (which is irritating! I probably shouldn't have gone today, but I'm stubborn!)

Off to play with kitties!

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