Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh weekends.

Y'all. I'm totally struggling on the weekends. Using up all of my weekly points in 2-3 days. UGH. Going crazy. During the week, I do so well, and then BAM. Hello Friday Funday. And Saturday Funday. And Sunday Funday.

We end up out with friends, and even though I make pretty good choices (I mean, for restaurants), I still end up eating WAY more than I would on a normal day. Also, drinking doesn't help. Not necessarily because of the calories, but because then I don't have any willpower, and want food!

(But in the summer, what is better than sangria? What, I ask you???)

(OK, maybe ice cream.)

(or beer.)

Anyways. I need some strategies, STAT for getting through these fun-filled, "special occasion" weekends.



  1. Hmmm. My strategy all summer has been Hang the Heck On by my fingernails for Labor Day! :) Seriously - are you just hovering in the same 2-4lb range? If yes, consider that a HUGE win and move on... enjoy your summer. Unless you are seeing week after week of gain - do not stress! You are LIVING!! Keep the exercise up, if you can, try to get one longish run in a week (the long ones are the key to weight loss/maintaining...) Let me know if you ever want to meet and run... I am a social runner, not big into racing, and a really good mentor. :) (not a know it all, just lots of support!!)

  2. I think Jodi has a great idea, but the only thing I can think of is to go into each weekend with a plan. Do you KNOW you are going out with friends? Do you know WHERE and what's on the menu? I would do the best I could to decide ahead of time -- a "spending plan" for my calories, if possible -- even including drinks. Absolutely the drinks lower your will power, but if you have a plan in place, maybe that will help?