Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The problem with weight-lifting

is that you GAIN weight. Like, kind of a lot. 3 weeks ago Alisha and I started a kick but intense weight training program provided by an olympic runner. Seriously. She ran. In the olympics. And now she's helping us lift weight to become better runners. Super cool.

And it's working. I know because:

  • I am SORE after each workout. They tell me that's the muscles repairing themselves.
  • I retain a lot of water - also apparently due to the muscles rebuilding.
  • I've gained about 4 pounds. Now, this is annoying. I know that muscles weighs more than fat and you have to build it up to increase your metabolism, but it still sucks to put that into the weight tracker. Preston has to remind me of this just about every day. But since I'm eating well and working out more, I'm 99% sure the gain is not from some fast food binge.
  • Running up hills is easier. Alisha and I ran 6 miles on Sunday - many of those miles were straight up a mountain. And, believe it or not, my legs were stronger. Boo. Ya.
Anyone else had some weight gain when they started weight training? I did some with the new rules of weight lifting, but what we're doing now is way more intense, so I'm really banking that the increase in effort will lead to greater results (and eventually some weight loss.)



  1. Keep up the weights!! I have had the same problem, however, you should notice that your body visibly looks different pretty quickly. . .which is AWESOME motivation. And fyi, I also gained weight when I trained for a marathon. I think our little bodies freak out when we make them do hard things and so to prepare for what we crazy kids might ask them to do next, they fatten up the storehouse. Damn think aheaders.

  2. but but but it's sooo worth it for the way it shall jack up your metabolism!! :)