Friday, September 9, 2011

Yo yo!

Happy Friday, all! The weather has made a fabulous turn towards fall and life is good. I don't feel like I'm going to immediately keel over from heat stroke from walking outside! Hooray!

We're even eating outside tonight. (assuming the mosquitos don't try to suck us dry...)

I like to do updates on Fridays, so here ya go...

Weightloss: not much progress, but I was sick last week and really, really hungry. I guess my body needed some extra calories to get better, so I'm cool with it.

Running: I've signed up for an Oct. 1 10k and a Thanksgiving 5k. Half Marathon in March?

Gymming: I joined the YMCA at the suggestion of Alisha. She has enjoyed it there. I liked Planet Fitness fine, but there are no classes, and they upped my membership to $20 which was too much for what it was. The Y is further away, but I can shower there before work and there is a pool. There are also TONS of classes. I'm hoping to incorporate yoga after our Saturday runs.

Eating: Well, with the exception of the pizza I had for lunch today (it was a work party!) it's going great! We ate in most nights this week and I've been taking my lunch. Also, hooray for chobani and Kashi go lean crunch. Regan's been telling me it was a "party in your mouth" and she's right.

Kittens: ARE ADORABLE. My life is like one giant cuddle puddle. I'd upload a picture, but something's not working right with blogger and I'm too lazy to picture. Next time. Promise.

NCRC run group: THEY ARE AWESOME. Group C rocked out some 4:1 intervals yesterday and killed 3 miles. Race preview for them tomorrow - looking forward to it!

Off to get dinner ready! Happy weekend all!


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