Monday, September 24, 2012

Something fun to write about!

Because really, about all I've had time to do lately is to think about this whole, baby thing.  Which in and of itself is not a bad thing, it just means I'm kind of neglecting the things this blog is all about... mainly, running.

But, I actually have some running news to report!

Let me back up. I've been volunteering with the Women's Beginning group like usual.  I've been hanging with the D group Divas and trucking along at about 1:1 intervals.  Not too shabby.  I was up to about 10 miles/week.

Then I had some mild spotting.  Nothing serious, but the Doc said I had to lay off the miles.  Boo.

But, then she cleared me to run again after a couple of weeks, so yay!

Thankfully, it was just in time to run the Women's Distance Festival 5k - the goal race for the program!  This was my first-ever race in 2010, and I really wanted to be able to make this the baby's first 5k, too!

This year, the course was at Dorthea Dix campus and it was very, very hilly.  I fell in with a couple of C/D beginners and we trucked right along at about a 15:30/mile pace at 1:1 intervals.  It was hot, but not too bad.  The baby seemed to tolerate it well.  Some very mild cramping, but I think it was just a side stitch that is moved over because of all that's going on in my center section.  We finished in about 48 minutes (and the course was measured at about 3.25, so I feel pretty good about the time!

Here's a picture from before the race: please note the adorable shirt my husband peer pressured me into buying:
Me and my friend Jade.
In other baby news, I've got 18 weeks to go.  And it's a boy.  I hadn't even put that up here yet, had I??  Sorry!  He's quite the mover and shaker.  My regular pants definitely don't fit, though I did have a couple of pairs from when I was a bit heavier that work OK.  When we had the ultrasound 2 weeks ago, everything looked hunky dory (except for slightly low placenta, but that's no big deal at this point. Probably what caused the very minor spotting.)

I'll probably keep running, but maybe not quite so many miles.  I figure, 2 miles, on a flat course, a couple of times a week is still pretty good.  And that will keep my sciatic nerve from being a little bitch.  My husband has also been walking with me a lot now that the weather is getting very nice in the evenings.  I keep meaning to do some pre-natal yoga, but it keeps not happening.  I'm going to get 3 private classes to learn what I can and can't do, then hopefully attend some regular sessions.

Anywhoo, I'll keep you posted as we keep on this crazy journey!


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