Thursday, June 30, 2011


So. I'm off to the River for some much needed R&R. I might even take it easy. I'll probably eat and drink Waaay too much. And then I'll complain when I gain weight, but it will be worth it.

And I fully intend to water ski. I'm actually pretty good at it. My cousins and I learned to ski when we were about 6. (Our parents tied us to the skis, the skis together, and the skis to the boat. It was either ski, or drown.) I learned to slalom somewhere in my teens. The last few years, my weight and general fitness have made it harder to ski. I could do one lap, maybe two, but no fancy stuff, and not for very long. Last summer, I couldn't even get up. (EMBARASSING)

This year, I'm lighter, stronger, and in much better shape. Even though there are apparently a ton of jellyfish, I so don't care. I'm going to ski all friggin day long.

Everyone have a great weekend!


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  1. I finally got a ski in on Saturday morning. Took me 2 times to get up (very shallow). I was doing really well and then leaned too much and BAM. I still hurt...a lot. O and then I tried to get back up to only get a jelly in the rash guard. FAIL WHALE.