Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, running, and working out, and eating well has really helped my stress level. And attitude in general. It takes a lot to upset me.

But gang, I'm barely hanging on at work this week.

I have a cool job. A great job, actually. I get to raise money and do marketing for a nonprofit that, well, helps other nonprofits. We have 1,540 nonprofit Members all over NC and we do training and have resources to help them run more efficiently. I get to hang out with people who are extremely passionate and, quite literally, saving the world.

But my job has gotten a little bit big of late. I just can't seem to get ahead of the workload. Or keep my head above water. So much so that on Tuesday morning I was so stressed out, I woke up at 5 am and went downstairs to do work rather than lay in bed worrying about it.

I worked for about an hour and then hit the streets for a run. I did feel better, but not exactly relaxed.

Let me say that if I was having the same problem at work a year ago, I would have been borderline inconsolable. I would have been extremely angry about the whole thing. Like, almost offended that I was overwhelmed.

So, at least I'm not there. I think my husband is glad I'm not in that place, too.

I am thankful that I have a physical outlet for my stress now. It makes things much more reasonable.

OH and let me mention, if you want an instant endorphin rush, start weight-lifting. I always feel AWESOME afterwards.

Anywhoo, I'm not one to whine about work since I do genuinely love my job. But, since I've been seriously mellow for about a year, it's a bit of a strange feeling to be this wound up. Maybe I should up the mileage? Ok, might have to wait until it's not 102 degrees for that one...


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