Saturday, October 1, 2011

10k PR!

So, I have like, definitely not been running distance for a while.  4 miles, MAX.  Until last weekend, I hadn't run 6 miles since the half.

So I was a little nervous heading into today's 10k.

It was the Wake Med Scrub Run - the shirts were actually scrubs! (it's the little things in life.)

Poor Alisha wasn't feeling well, but she rallied, and off we went.  The weather was perfect - a nice 60 degrees but sunny.  The course was OK - it was 2 big loops with the second one adding a bit on the end.  I find these a little more cumbersome, just because you know what's coming (and thereby, which hills to dread.) 

Because we were in downtown Raleigh, it was a smidge hilly for my taste.  Nothing too steep, but there were some very long steady inclines. 

But, ya'll, we killed it.  Sure, we were close to the end, but we made it back before the kids did their fun run, and even got a race 10k PR!  We finished in right at one hour 20 minutes... a good 90 seconds off of the bridge run in April for which we trained A LOT.

I'm feeling pretty good about our weight lifting plan - I think it is actually improving our running.  Frankly, we would have done even better if the finish line wasn't uphill... WHY do they do that?  It's just cruel.

Anywhoo, time to kick the back door open and watch some football (pumpkin ale, you say?  Don't mind if I do!).

I LOVE October!



  1. So awesome! Looking forward to running tomorrow!

  2. AWESOME job! Congrats on your new 10K record! I set my own yesterday... ran the new Upper Neuse greenway from end to end - it's excellent and I would highly rec for training runs... :)