Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two weeks down...

Two to go.  Thankfully, my stress fracture doesn't hurt much anymore, so I think the rest is working.  In the mean time, I've been rocking the bicycle, elliptical, and upper body/abs weight lifting.  Fun?  Ok, maybe not, but it'll do.  It's gorgeous outside and I keep thinking how nice it would be to head out for a run.

Today I'm trying spin class - I'll report back later.  I'm super-scared.

Also, I cancelled weight watchers today.  It isn't working.  I'm going to try My Fitness Pal for a while and see if it works.  Since I'm in the habit of tracking already, I'm hoping it'll just be a slight change, but will make me more aware of what kind of balance I'm eating. They have these great pie charts that show the breakdown of carbs/fat/protein.  It also shows other nutrients - something WW kind of ignores. 

The good news is, if this doesn't work, I can rejoin WW without the joining fee.  I feel a little strange abandoning it, but I'm realizing that WW isn't really made for people that are as active as I am.  I just don't think the activity points balance out and I think I'm eating a lot more calories than I should.

Of course, I'll keep you posted!



  1. Keep up the good work! I agree that I don't think that WW takes into account super active people very well, but I think the reality may be that you may not be eating enough calories. If your weight loss has stalled out it may be because your body is afraid you are going into starvation mode and is saving everything it can. Another blog I read a lady marathoner who lost 80 lbs on WW ended up going to a nutritionist and that is what her nutritionist told her. It's been my own experience, too. Most weight loss sites will have you eating many more calories than a WW diet -- but the loss will be a little more slow (HEALTHY) pace. Just my opinion, of course -- worth what you paid for it. :-)

  2. How far are you from your goal? I bailed on WW too - the closer I got to goal, the more the new plan did not work for me and my activity level. Calories DO count - but so does slow and steady... let me know how things go as you transition. I found steady, healthy loss with calorie counting and more accurate activity tracking. Awesome job Sarah!!