Friday, March 16, 2012

Half-marathon in 2 days

Today I took the day off to relax.  To plan.  To pack.  To compile an EPIC playlist with loads of contributions from my friends.


Because on Sunday, I'll run the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon. 

I figure childbirth is kinda like endurance running - you forget the pain and difficulty so you'll do it again.

Because really, I can't believe I'm doing this again.  Last year, it was pretty crazy.  Mostly it was hot.  And we were last in the first block.  Talk about about a "check your ego" moment.  I just read my entry from last time - I didn't think I'd be signing up to do this quite so soon. 

I'm hoping this one will go better for a couple of reasons:
1- It won't be so damn hot.
2- It's 2 days out and I'm feeling pretty great.  No injuries.  My feet have felt great this time around.
3- My friends are going to be at the finish, and a couple cheering me on during the race.
4- it's a MUCH bigger race.  2,000 people for the half.  So, it's a lot more likely that there will at least be SOMEONE around me on the course.  Or at least within sight.
5- Wrightsville beach is lovely, as is the neighborhood we have to run through.  MUCH more scenic than jacksonville, NC.
6- It won't be so damn hot.

Unfortunately, I won't have my team with me this time, but I did 3 of my long runs solo, so I'm confident that won't slow me down too much.  My friends have all submitted fantastic songs for musical shout outs on the course. 

Let's DO this.