Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm coming to terms with my legs.

My first ever weight-related memory is from the 6th grade.  I was going to be Gretel in the Sound of Music (yup, I looked like a 5 year old) and I remember thinking, "I can't wear this skirt, my thighs will rub together."

Y'all. How sad is that?  I was 10!

Ever since, I've had pretty much a hate-hate relationship with my short, stubby little legs.

I have tiny ankles, Giant calves (physically cannot rock the boots/leggings trend or even get into skinny jeans), knobby knees, and thunder thighs.

When I lost 20 pounds last year, not one of them came from my legs.  Everything else is smaller.  Legs?  Same.  Makes finding pants a bitch and I have learned to LOVE belts.

But, when I was shaving my legs today (which I do as rarely as possible) I realized that they're not all bad.

For example, when I flex my calf, it will cut a bitch.  ROCK HARD. 

And yeah, my ankles are tiny, but they don't twist anymore when I start running because they are really strong.

And my thighs might be bigger around than Pippa Middleton's entire body, but dem bitches can run for 13.1 miles, leg press 200 pounds, squat 90 and kick the shit out of spin class.

So, while they'll never look amazing in dress, and I'll forever rock the "swim mini" during the summer, and I'll still never wear shorts, I don't have the harsh feelings against them that I used to.  Because even though they're big, short, and kinda lumpy, they're the parts of me that get me places.  That ski and swim.  That run and bike.

And for that, they're kind of awesome.

Also, they make a pretty comfy kitten throne.

Do you have any body parts you're learning to love?  Or at least hate less?



  1. GREAT POST! Rock your favorite body part. I also love my legs. I have larger calves too but they look fucking awesome. Even Kevin is jealous. They are also the only things that won't get ginourmous while this baby grows. Woot!

  2. I need a whole separate blog for the Body Parts I Hate. I like my feet and that's about it. I love that you are so confident and comfortable!!!