Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough day

Today I had a tough day at work.  I was upset my whole drive home.

Two years ago, I would have called my husband, vented the whole way home, then called my mom and bitched some more, and then spent the evening just generally stomping and pissing about.


That was two years ago.

Today, I called Preston, talked only briefly, and ran upstairs to change as soon as I got home.  I pulled on my favorite running skirt  and shoes, grabbed the ol iPhone, and hit the trail.

50 minutes, and 4 miles later, I was feeling much, much better.  I was calm.  I had time to work stuff out in my brain.  I saw bunnies (4 of them!) smelled fresh honeysuckle, and watched the creek go by.  I also ran without any walking intervals just to see if I could.  The extra challenge got out some of that excess energy.

You can leave a lot out there on the pavement by the creek in the woods.  It's a hell of a lot more productive than bitching about it all day.



  1. Sorry about Monday! I packed the wrong clothes and ended up hitting the gym!

    SOrry you had a crap-tacular day yesterday! It's amazing what a good run will do for ya though!

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