Monday, April 25, 2011

9 miles, a plateau, and a plane crash.

I ran 9 miles on Saturday! By myself! At the River! (read: Loooong, straight, flat, BORING roads with nothing but fields to look at. Thank goodness for U-S husband who rode the tandem bike out with my dad to check in around mile 3, and then rode along side for the last 3 miles... he is the best!

First I'll address the plane crash... about 30 minutes into my run, emergency trucks starting whizzing past me. It's rural NC, so it was the volunteer fire department rather than actual ambulances, but I knew something was up. When I rounded the corner and started heading past a huge wheat field, I saw a pile of metal and a lot of people rushing towards it. I thought someone was stuck in some farm equipment because I couldn't tell what it was. Turns out, it was a plane crash. It had happened just seconds before I got to the scene and apparently did "cartwheels" through the field. Glad I missed that. Here's the article.

Now I'll address the plateau. Not as exciting, not nearly as scary, but it sure does make me angry.

I've been stuck at or around 160 for 8 weeks. That is ridiculous people. I'm doing everything right. I don't even use all of my weekly points. Activity points, yes. Weekly, no. I'm tracking everything. I've added weight training to my plan - about 30 minutes 2-3 times/week. I'm running 15-20 miles.

Someone explain this. The math is not adding up.




  1. CRAZY about the plane crash!
    hmmmmm...are you eating enough??

  2. My WW coach would tell you to EAT those weekly points. Seriously.

  3. ... and as someone who also went through the same thing - I cut my dailies to 25 and stopped eating WP's and started losing again. I tried eating them, not eating them, eating some here and there, etc - it didn't matter. I cut out AP and WP totally for a few weeks before I dropped my dailies too - still no change. Good clean eating, lots of water and GHG's achieved. The only thing that got me out of the plateau was dropping the dang dailies. Once I started losing again, I gradually added some Points back in to find out where the line in the sand was. P+ is more of a framework IMO - not one size fits all. I had great loss until I got close to goal - then I had to tweak. (and cancel. I don't pay for tweaking.)

    HOWEVER - if you have just recently started the weight training (i haven't been reading for a super long time...) then your in muscle confusion and stress right now, so your body/muscle is going to hold onto water and everything else you've got while it figures out what the HAY you are doing! It's a cumulative effect, remember... :) Just stick with your good choices and exercise and you'll start to things move again... if you were say 6 weeks into weight training on top of running and still not seeing loss - that would be a bitt odd to me.

    You might start counting fruit as points if you are not already. It's still calories - good ones, but still...