Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 miles!

Well. We've hit the threshold of 10 miles. Double digits. The number where they say, "If you can run 10, you can run 13.1"

Well. If 13.1 sucks the way 10 did, we're in trouble!

86 degrees. Humid. Not properly fueled. Lordy, it was rough. I was SOOO whiny. Poor Regan.

I would like to thank the good lord for the rainstorm at mile 7 - it was greatly appreciated. I probably would have had to be picked up by the side of the greenway in a melted heap had we not had that little break.

But, as Preston said, we did it. And if we can do 1o in those conditions, a race that is earlier, with all of us, and proper hydration and fueling, should be no big deal - even if it's longer.

Today I'm heading down to SC for a relaxing weekend with 11 dear friends. Life is so very good.



  1. Nice work- I wasn't brave enough to do my 10 miles outside today! Might blow away-So I was on the treadmill-I have a half in a few weeks (my 3rd) and your friend is right-If you did 10 in those conditions today that you will do the 13.1 on race day like no ones business!

  2. No got the crappy run out of the way. Nice job on the 10!!!

  3. WAy to go with your 10 miler in rough conditions. Have a great weekend.