Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok - finally! Race recap!

The hubs is actually home for the day (he's an accountant, and this being tax season, he hasn't had a day off in a while) and he's cooking tuna steaks for dinner and watching the Masters. That said, I don't so much care about golf, so woot! Time to blog!

So, the Cooper River Bridge Run was, in a word, AWESOME. Sure, there were like a gazillion people. And yes, that incline went up for a mile and a half. And, did I mention a gazillion people? But, y'all, it was great fun.

The basics:

We stayed in N. Charleston (right across from the outlets - super-bonus.) and it was easy to get to and from Mt. Pleasant where the race started. We got up bright and early (I was waaay too excited to sleep Friday, so getting up was no big deal) and headed to my cousin's apt. to park. We had planned to walk, but her friend Zee drove us to the start. Another bonus!

So here's the gang: Cousin Rachel, Me, Regan, Alisha, and Jade. We're looking pretty awesome, right?

Also, we found Waldo. When Alisha went to take a picture, the guy said, "Wow. Glad you were able to find us." The race was in Mt. Pleasant for the first 2ish miles, then 2+ on the bridge, then 2 through downtown Charleston. The incline was about a mile and a half. We didn't cheat on our intervals and had fun passing people going up. Here are the throngs of people heading onto the bridge.

The view from the bridge was pretty awe-inspiring. It was gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. It was downright spectacular.

You may wonder how I got these pictures while running. These are courtesy of the Flip Cam that Preston got me before our wedding last year. I could turn it on for a while, get a few shots, and then I could select screen shots when I got home. This strategy was great. The Flip is TINY so I had it in my belt, and I got lots of great pictures that would have been impossible otherwise.

Here's the downtown shot as we came down the final mile. It was fun running in the historic district. The Turkey Trot I did back in November in Charleston was in a different part of the city, so this was all new.

Here we are at the finish - we're looking pretty good, right??? Jade finished in like 54 minutes (awesome!) and Al, Regan and I finished at 1 hr. 21 minutes. Not too bad for our first 10 k!

So, cross that bad boy off the list... next up - Half Marathon! Yikes!


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  1. So awesome! Definitely have to add this race to our list - maybe a perfect annual girls trip :-)