Friday, April 15, 2011

Just got my world ROCKED!

In a totally good way. New shoes. New bras. New respect for Fleet Feet!

I loved them anyways, right, but I'm not usually one to be all "help!" on anything. I mean, I've been doing this for 9 months, I know my stuff, right?


So my shoes have been feeling offish,so I decided to take the time to do a real, serious fitting at Fleet Feet. (I did one before at Athlete's Foot, but I was never totally convinced. Then, I was too embarassed to ask for another footing at a different store. Now, all bets are off. I need the right shoe.)


Went to Fleet Feet. Lauren ROCKED. She got me the hook up. We tried on tons of shoes - turns out, I need a wide. Explains the pain in my toes. So, going with a very similar shoe, slightly more cushy, but this time, in a wide. Had to special-order, so they'll be here next week. FUN!

THEN, she saw what bra I was going to get. And convinced me to try a different one - in a different size. I mean, I didn't even know what to think. I LOVE my Fiona Moving Comfort Bra in a size 38 D. LOVE. But you know what?

Her suggestion is even better. It's the Juno - racerback, adjustable straps, and - hold the presses - 36 DD. Totally different size.


So, internet friends, what have we learned???

Ask. THey know what they're talking about. Stop feeling like you should go into a running store knowing the whole deal. (GUILTY.) They will always know more about shoes, bras, goos, even socks, than you do. Ask around, find a store that really cares. If the salesperson doesn't give you a long consult, they're not doing it right. If you just have to walk around the store and see which one feels best and they don't watch you run, they're not doing it right.

And ladies, swallow your pride. Let the competent salespeople see you in your bra. Let it all hang out. They will not judge you. For goodness sake, you're spending good money on a running bra - they know you're one of them. And, frankly, a solid part of the reason they're employed.



  1. I agree..except a caveat on the shoes...and I wouldn't know about the bras of course ;)

    The 'shoe knowledge' at running stores even running shoe companies is in major controversy right now.

    Wide is very good for tootsies, but cushioning is thought to be bad in the long term. I won't bore you with the entire minimalist show brouhaha but thought you might wanna know ;)

    Enjoy the new gear!

  2. 38D???? Girl you crazy!! I coulda told ya that. I am a 32 D!