Sunday, February 26, 2012

Next-to-last long run!

Before the big one, that is!

This morning, Alisha and I dominated the 9 miler.  We walked for an extra mile for cool down, so make that 10.  We had a HUGE brunch at Relish (Hellloooo gingerbread banana pancakes... you are the JAM - also pimento cheese deviled eggs? AH-mazing.) and then I came home for a nice long bath.  I use Burt's Bees therapeutic Bath Crystals and I really think they help.  It could also just be the hot water and the stretching, but a bath after a long run is heaven.

I'm a little sore just around my tailbone, but other than that I feel pretty good.  Shin is twingy, but felt fine during the run, so I'm officially less worried about it.

Fueling was solid - bagel thin with almond butter about 45 minutes before, 2 amphipod bottles of water during, 1/2 luna bar and about 10 gummy bears during.  It was pretty cold, so I didn't need much water, but I have had gallons since.

I'm feeling pretty good about the race.  I think I could have gone another 4 miles today, so that feels good.  Next week, 10 miles, then the next saturday is taper weekend - a 6-miler is planned. 

Then, race time!  A lot of our friends are coming to Wilmington to celebrate St. Patty's day (we'll be staying with our friend Jade while they get their drank on) and then they'll all be there at the finish the next morning (probably hungover, but still there!)

I'm starting to get excited!

Big shout out to everyone who finished the Disney Princess Half today - including my friend Regan!

Happy Sunday, all!


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