Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Penguin? Try turtle.

I'm reading a fabulous book suggested by Ultra-Supportive Husband - The Courage to Start, by John Bingham. You can learn about him here: http://www.johnbingham.com/

Basically, the book is about his journey to become a runner - he started when he was 43, and it really changed his life. He also thinks he runs less like a gazelle, more like a penguin. This book is for those of us who man the back of the pack at a race and do this just for the fun of it. He's my kind of guy. I highly recommend this book, not just for it's inspirational aspects, but also for his handy tips on running. It's all very practical advice about when to take it easy, how to increase your speed and distance, and what to wear (which we all know is critical.)

Anywhoo, in addition to reading, I did also run this week. Saturday, we had a fab group run at Shelley Lake (group C represent at 3 miles at 5-1 intervals!). Sunday, I collected my most favorite cousin-in-law for a run in NC's first incorporated town. B was a good sport! She's a much more accomplished runner than myself, but we had a great time, fabulous conversation, and it was really good to get pushed on the pace a bit. Thanks, B!

Today, because I have been totally obsessing over my pace, (You'd think after reading an entire book about this very topic, that I wouldn't, but ya'll - I'm obsessed) I decided to see how fast I could run a mile. So I did. 12:30... not too bad! Granted, I can only keep that up for the first mile... but eventually...someday? In the meantime... Sarah!! Stop obsessing over your 5k time!

Can you tell I'm getting a little apprehensive about my first race??

Thursday and Saturday the group gets to dress up in Martha Stewart gear to help promote her new show. I know she might be a wall street cheating, soul-less meanie, but I love her. And all of her fakeness. And I will sport the MS gear proudly.

So, this week's mantra... "If you finish your first race with a more than 14 minute mile, that's ok!" (repeat reapeat reapeat) Also... stop reading blogs about fast people! You just started running! It's OK to be running even more like a turtle than a penguin.


PS running song of the week: The awesome set of Mash-ups I got from E in the mail today. Motivation WIN.

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  1. YAAAY! Glad you like them! Those Bootie mashups are insane... some songs are better than others, but none the less, pretty amazing! Love you :) - E