Saturday, September 25, 2010

We did it!!!

Today was the day! We ran our 5k at 8:30 this morning. I had major jitters all morning, but it was amazing to have my whole family there: mom, dad, and Ultra-Supportive Husband. My sister, Becca, volunteered. And, Brandy came to run with us! Awesome! The Sooras were out in force, so it felt great to have a massive cheering section! I wore my penguin silly band for luck. Also dad found 3 pennies and gave them to shruthi, brandy, and me. How could I lose??

We got started right on time. Group C started out all together, but, per usual, it didn't take us long to spread out. First mile went great. The weather was pretty good. A little hot, but certainly not anything we're not used to.
My favorite part of the race was coming around this down and back section - we could see our friends on the other side as we passed in opposite directions. We could yell encouragement through the trees! It was fantastic. Plus, my sister was manning the road at the curve and sending good vibes our way.
The volunteers were lined up along the course and were our biggest cheerleaders! I am proud to say that I thanked all of them as I ran by. A whole different kind of goal, but one I'm happy to have done.
So, at the finish line, Vanessa and I were running together, and, with huge smiles on our faces, we crossed the line at a full on sprint. Awesome! We had about a 13:22 mile pace, and finished in just over 41 minutes. I didn't finish under 40, but who cares??? We did an amazing job.
Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging throughout this process. I have discovered that the more people you tell about a goal like this, the more people can hold you accountable and cheer you on. So thanks - you all know who you are.
This blog is not finished, so stay tuned. There are many, many races in this world, and I've got plenty of room for improvement.
Ok, adoring public, I'm off to shower and take a nap. (Forgot to mention that dad sprung for an AWESOME post-race breakfast at the Oakwood Cafe... foooood coma....)
Much love to my running ladies and my group C posse. We are totally awesome.

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