Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-race jitters

Well, tomorrow's the day. I've got my race number (305), my pink group t-shirt is ready to go, and I've piled the rest of my clothes on the chair for easy a.m. access.

I know I can run the race - we did it 2 weeks ago. I'm in even better shape now, and I know I can run 3 miles in about 36 minutes. My family is coming to cheer me on. Brandy's running the race, and Becca is volunteering.

I'm nervous, but I'm excited. I'm going to run 6-1 intervals, and do my best to "run" (read: "shuffle") up the hill at the end. I'm hoping to finish in under 40 minutes, but really, finishing is still an epic win. For some reason, it feels like you can really call yourself a "runner" if you run a race.

I'm thankful for this experience, so no matter what happens, it's all been worth it. I'm so proud of my new friends (and my old one!) for doing this program. We're ready. We're ready to run, but more importantly, to cheer each other on.

Jean had a saying on a little card at Monday's run - "I lift thee, and thee lift me, and we will ascend together."

Now, if only some would ascend my butt up that hill tomorrow...


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