Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do the Monster Dash!

2nd 5 k COMPLETE.

Time: Bad. but who cares? I was wearing a cape (added drag), purple wig (itchy and hot) and a flannel skirt (what was I thinking?) But, boy, we had a blast.

Me and the girls went all out. And we looked AWESOME. U-S Husband came to cheer us on and hold our stuff.
He was super-sweet to wait around and give up his whole sunday to watch us clown around. He's pretty much the best.

Anywhoo, we had a total blast. Even though it was hot, and I was slow. (Wow I totally didn't find the light in the below picture - Tyra would not be pleased.)

On a side note, there weren't many zombies to run from, but I did give a hearty fright to some old people enjoying their sunday dinner at K&W Cafeteria... I'm not sure what they thought about a grown woman in a purple wig. Actually I do know - they were shocked.

A run down on the costumes from L - R:
Mandy - TMNT - Raphael
Shruthi - Storm
Suzanne - Wonder Woman
Danielle M. - Fairy
Me - Hit Girl
Danielle A. - Rainbow Bright
Cindy - Fairy
Debbie - Lady Bug
Beth and Diana - Batman
Amy - Martha Stewart! (She won the costume contest! You'll notice that she is wearing the free Martha Schwag from when we did that bit for the new show a while back!)

Good times with good friends. Life is good.

Hit Girl aka Sarah
Hmm. I might have to wear that purple wig to work tomorrow...

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