Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The week after.

So. This has been an INSANE couple of weeks for us. First, we had our major Statewide Conference at work. It was a huge success, but we are still a little wiped out from it.

This weekend we went to Charleston to see James play in the marching band at Wando, and got to see some other family and rad friends while we were there. The weather was fabulous, which led to a fantastic run through Snee Farm for about 3.4 miles. Flat is good. I like running in flat.

My iPod crapped out on me about 2 minutes in, leading to a quite, reflective run. I actually really enjoyed it.

The other major stressor is that we are under a contract for a house and trying to sell ours. Ugh. So. Much. Work. But we LOVE the new house. It has a basement. It has almost a full acre of land. It's right across from Lynn Road Elementary. Down the streat from one of my favorite running spots, Lake Lynn.

With all that's going on, I'm so happy that I have found a physical outlet to work through stuff. Not to mention new friends to talk it through with. I ran with Vanessa and Regan at 6am Tuesday (side note - it was COLD. and DARK) but I instantly felt better.

So, life is good, but it is a little crazy right now. Makes me even more determined to continue to run.

Oh. And we've decided to train for a half marathon.

It's in March. So, stay tuned.


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