Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday was a great running day. Regan and I set off on an ambitious run - 5 miles on the Crabtree Creek trail. Considering that until yesterday my longest run was about 3.8m, I was a little bit nervous heading out. But, we had a plan. 5 miles at 3:30 and 1. We weren't worried about our time, just our distance.

It was a little chilly to start out, but by about the 3rd interval in, we had lost the long sleeves and were comfortably trucking along. We killed the first mile. In hindsight, a bit of a mistake. It made our second mile quite slow.

Live and learn.

Somewhere in mile 3, we ran into a few of our volunteers from the program! And, bonus, we weren't going that much slower than them! (Ok, it's not about time, but let's face it, it was encouraging.) Lots of folks were out on the greenway - such a friendly place.

We went from behind crabtree, down a little path we thought went further, back on the crabtree trail, across the road over to shelley lake. We went almost right up to the lake, and then headed back. We guessed the mileage almost perfectly. We finished up mile 5 with plenty of time for a cool down walk.

Amazing! We are so awesome I can hardly stand it.

We finished in 73 minutes, which made our pace right at 14.3 min/mile. Penguin style, but hey, we did 5 miles!!

Today I was pretty sore, and all day yesterday, my legs were just restless. But, I was encouraged because sometimes after long, tough runs, I end up exhausted the whole rest of the day. I actually felt pretty dern good. Slept like a baby though.

This was one of those times when I was so happy to be running with someone else. We chatted the whole time, and encouraged each other up the hills. We swapped stories and advice about running, work, family, etc. The time flew by - even if we weren't exactly flying through our miles.

5 miles felt really good, and you know what? We totally could have done more. Makes a 10k much less scary, in fact, quite a reasonable goal.

Next weekend is the Monster Dash. My friggin costume better get here soon.


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  1. I'm totally down with the penguin style of running. Rock on girl!