Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I just ate 3 - count 'em - 3 pieces of pizza for lunch.  This is sometimes a problem when I work at home on Wednesday.  Don't get me wrong, I will never complain about this particular job perk.  Let's face it, working in your PJs with a kitten in your lap is a good thing.  Especially when you can do it at your wicked-cool new secretary desk.

Cute, right?

 So, anyhow, sometimes on Wednesdays I get a little carried away on the snacking.  As in, I eat EVERYTHING in the house.  Today is no exception.  We had leftover pizza from the game Sunday, and flatbread from last night's last-minute dinner.  And I ate. it. all.

Yikes.  Even with a 3-miler this morning, this ain't gonna balance out and I'm feeling the over-eater's guilt.

What to do?  Well, first off, I'ma have an awesome healthy dinner, so no major harm done.  Also, not going to beat myself up over it. (too much.)

Oh, and I think I need to throw out pizza when we don't eat it.

How do you keep from snacking when you're home during the day?  (And yeah, not keeping it in the house is how I should be doing it!)



  1. I don't stay home. :/ Sorry - not a help. I have the same issues. I love your approach though - just move forward!

  2. I actually have the opposite problem. I used to raid the vending machine at work and give in to cookies. I work at home now and find that I do so much better. Once in a while I get a little chocolat crazy but not very often. I keep healthy snacks in the house. Lots of fruits and the occasional veggie...because I don't like them as much as fruits. ;)