Friday, February 3, 2012

Running playlists - Strange ones.

Let's face it.  Sometimes running can get a little boring.


I know.  Blasphemy.

But sometimes it does.  I know EVERY TREE on the oak park greenway.  When you've got a friend to distract you, your not nearly as aware of how far you have to go, or when you should hit a certain landmark, etc.  So on days when I'm by myself, I rely very heavily on a rocking playlist.

Actually, let me rephrase to say, "A playlist of songs I really, really like."

Because, here's the thing - some of my favorite songs to run to aren't exactly heart-pumping jams. 

My playlist secret is to only put on songs I'm really excited to hear.  You know the ones - they come on the radio and you turn up the volume.  You find them on a random mix CD in your car and start to giggle.  These songs remind you of special times and special people.  And it doesn't matter how many miles you have to run, you're probably going to do it with a serious smile on your face.

I mix up my list every so often (and also use runs as a way to listen to full albums - because who has the time otherwise?) but there are a few songs that are ALWAYS on my running playlists.  And usually, I'm looking forward to them showing up.

1. Don't Stop Believing.  This song reminds me of my very best friends in the whole world and I don't care how bad I'm feeling - that comes on, and I'm good.  Case in point, this song randomly came on when I came into the arena to finish my half.  It was like my friends were running with me.  Awesome.
2. We Built This City.  Voted the "#1 most awesomely bad song EVER" by VH1, I've loved this song since I was a toddler.  It rocks.  And the fact that it was prominently featured in the new Muppet movie is a bonus.
3. Almost There.  Yup.  The one from the Princess and the Frog.  This is my "I hope it plays when I'm on a hill" song.
4. Come Pick Me Up, by Ryan Adams.  Case in point.  This is NOT an upbeat song.  But I love it.  So it stays on the playlist.
5. Don't Rain On My Parade.  Because I'm the type of girl that would listen to Barbara.  Watch out, sometimes I skip when this one comes on.
6. American Tune. Darrell Scott.  Made our wedding CD.  Darrell holds distinction as being the only person I wasn't able to talk to.  I adore him. So this, (and Dreamer) usually make the list. And along those lines...
7. Party in the U.S.A. By, well.  You know.  This song actually makes me think of my sister because I refused to listen to this song for a long time.  She converted me with a couple of car trips where I was a captive audience.
8. Dancing in the Dark, Springsteen.  Because it was featured on Kids Incorporated circa 1980something and I think it's just swell.
9. Every Other Time, LFO.  Because the lyrics, "sometimes we swim around like 2 dolphins in the oceans of our hearts," is genius.
10. Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge.  Just 'cause.

So folks, what songs do you hope and pray will show up on your running playlist? 


PS, I also sometimes go through phases where I listen to the same song over and over when I run... this week it is "Moves like Jagger."  I blame spin class. 

PPS, Congratulations!  It's now in your head. 

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