Monday, November 8, 2010

Best run yet!

So. A half suddenly doesn't seem crazy. Regan and I are killing our training runs!

Today, our plan was to go at least 3.5 per our training schedule. We reserved the right to go a full four - if we were feeling froggy.

Well, call me Kermit, because we kicked butt on our 4 miles! We killed our average time - 13:41! Our first mile was 12:48. Awesome!

I hate that it is starting to get dark at 5:00, but thankfully, we got most of our mileage in when it was still relatively light. I do not want to have to run inside all winter.

Saturday, we try for 6. We're a week ahead of our Half training schedule.

Yup. We are totally going to be ready by the spring.

Because we're awesome.


1 comment:

  1. ya'll are awesome!! and killing it too with the mileage!! I need to step it up :) and I completely agree with the dislike at getting dark so early. Yesterday I tried to run around my neighborhood as soon as I got home and it was pitch black dark (zero street lamps)about 5 minutes in, needless to say it was a "super creepy and scared I was going to get hit by a car" kind of run :(