Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A major milestone!

Yesterday, being that it was a gloriously beautiful fall afternoon, and I had no after-work plans, I decided to run.

And since my running partner was busy, I, as I often have, invited my husband to come for a run.

His response: Sure!

Me, a little stunned: Really? I mean, don't feel obligated or anything.

Preston: No, seriously. I'll come.

And, sure enough, when I got home, there he was, dressed and ready to go.

So, running with my husband poses one obvious challenge. He's 6 foot 3 to my 5 feet. Seriously. His legs are as long as my entire body.

We started out at a seriously nice clip. Not enough to feel bad, but enough to really feel like we were pushing the pace. Turns out, we finished 3.1 in about 39 minutes.

This is AWESOME because I want to finish the turkey trot on Thursday in under 40. And now, I know I can do it!

Ultra-Supportive Husband lives up to his name, yet again!


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  1. Awesome! We should make Preston join us once every few weeks for some speed work.