Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disney Princess Weekend

Coming home from my bachelorette party last March, Dana, Erin, Shruthi and I decided that we needed to have a girls weekend, complete with junk food and disney movies.

That finally came to fruition this weekend, and it was FABULOUS. We laid around slumber party style and watched...
Sweet Home Alabama
How to Train Your Dragon
Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
Princess and the Frog
Oliver & Company
and a couple of other partials in between.

What a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Little brain power required, junk food readily available, and all diets out the window.

Will my run tomorrow be a little rough? Probably. Was it worth it? No question.

Being an adult is stressful - sometimes you need to revert back to what it felt like to not have to worry so much. It felt just like the kind of party we would have had back in elementary school (OK, except for the adult beverages...) and it was fabulous to be surrounded by some seriously amazing women.

Oh. And we had crowns. And princess press on nails. And princess headbands.

*sigh* life is good.


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