Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Picking Cotton

This post has nothing to do with running. My appologies for a sidebar post.

Today I went to the NC Governor's Conference for Women. (thanks for the opportunity, work!)1400 women in downtown raleigh. Amazing. There were 5 incredible ladies inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame. A State Supreme Court Justice, a State Senator, two amazing advocates, and a generous philanthropist. "Inspiring" just doesn't quite cut it.

I also went to a session that really affected me. It was called Picking Cotton - the title of a book written by a rape victim and the man she wrongfully accused of the crime.

You heard right - they wrote the book - together. And presented at this conference - together.

He was exonnerated in 1997 with DNA evidence. The rape victim did not, for one second, think that he could be innocent. When they finally met, she was terrified that he would be angry. But here's the thing, he wasn't. He had forgiven her long before that day. He helped her to forgive her actual rapist.

Ya'll. It was intense. It was a hell of a lesson about forgiveness, and resilliance, and the importance of keeping all biological evidence. The evidence from this case was slated to be incinerated one day after it was tested for DNA. Some states destroy evidence as soon as the case is over. Thank goodness, NC is leading the way in this fight.

So I'm off to read their book. I'll let you know if it's as awesome as I think it's going to be.


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