Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Trot

So, I've officially completed three 5k races! This last one, the Charleston Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, was a whole new experience in several ways.

1. There were 6,500 racers. Seriously. There were people EVERYWHERE. Because there were so many people, we lined up under the signs according to our pace. Bummer, no 13 minute sign. It stopped at 10 minute mile! Ha! I laughed with some other folks in the back.

2. They let the elite folks out, then the walkers. MAJOR bottleneck. I had to walk for the first block until Preston yelled, "Cut across on the sidewalk!" Genius. I sailed past the walkers and was on my way.

3. This route was gorgeous. It ran down King Street through Charleston's historic district, then down around battery park, then back down Meeting to the finish line. Gorgeous architecture, amazing waterfront, and the occasional smell of horse poo.

4. My goal for the race was to get under 40 minutes. If you discount that block in the beginning when I had to walk, I totally did it! By my watch, I finished in about 39:45. Haha. Just barely, but I still did it! That put me at my first under 13 minute mile average. I am happy.

5. Part of the reason I finished so well was my uncle, cousin, dad, sister and Ultra-Supportive Husband, were all strategically placed along the final stretch to cheer me on. How great! Cousin James and Preston have even promised to run it with me next year!

6. I finished just ahead of the Wando High School girls track team. Mwahahah.

Overall, it was a great experience. Weird thing though, the chip time went from the whistle to when you crossed the finish, not when you crossed the start. So, it was pretty inaccurate according to my watch. When you start in the back, you don't cross the start til a couple of minutes after the leaders! Oh, which, I should mention... the winner was a 15 year old from Virginia - he finished in 14:55. For reals. I was not even to the battery when he was finished. HAHA.

Also, I finished in front of 1,500 people. I know I shouldn't care, but it did make me feel pretty good that my efforts have been paying off.

Bonus: I felt totally justified in enjoying pumpkin pie AND delicious pumpkin crisp at thanksgiving dinner.

I'm so thankful that running is a part of my life! I'm also blessed that my family and friends are so supportive. Plenty to be thankful for at T-giving this year.


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