Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fresh veggies!

I mentioned a few months back that we were getting a box of veggies from the Farmer's Market every week. Well, that was back in the winter when the veggies were good, but, meh. Root veggies and greens - how exciting can they be?

Now, we've been getting glorious summer vegetables from the Farmer's Market and various family gardens down at the river.

At present we are SWIMMING in fresh tomatoes. We had a Cherokee Purple tonight - meaty and delish. Just a little bit of salt, maybe some pepper. Nothttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhing better.

We're having a crustless quiche tonight (crustless, because I can't justify the points that's in the crust, and the eggy part's the best anyways) with spinach, swiss cheese, and fresh cherry tomatoes. It's easy: 30 minutes at 350 in a glass pyrex dish. Done.

Also learned a new trick for slicing all of those little tomatoes in half (works for grapes, too...)

Put a plastic lid on top of a group of them and run a knife through the middle. (I stole this picture from Tami's Tips and Tricks, which, as it turns out, is a pretty cool blog!

Having all of these veggies around has made me actually care about cooking. I know. Insane. Never been my thing before. But I've actually enjoyed trying new recipes and changing them around. I even made fresh tomato/basil sauce on Sunday! (Again, swimming in tomatoes!) Here's the recipe.

Here's how it turned out...

I know, RIGHT?
I would eat zuccini and squash lightly cooked in a tiny bit of olive oil and salt and pepper every day. And I pretty much do. It is a great addition to pasta. We've got only 3 oz. of whole wheat pasta in there, supplement with the veggies, then sauce on the top. DELISH. I outdid myself. :-)

In other news, running group is going well, also weight-lifting. I'm back down to my "pre vacay" weight, so no long-term damage done. Everyone needs a break once in a while.

I also ate 4 oreos at work today.

And they were yummy.



  1. Yum! Everything looks delicious! I love all of the fresh fruits and veggies this time of year.

  2. Found your blog via the "Sweat Your Thorns Off" write ups. You SO inspire me -- I have been trying this running thing for a very long time and still struggle to run a full mile without stopping. You inspire me and I WILL NOT give up! Love this blog!