Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What happens when...

you hop off the wagon for a weekend?

*cough* or two...?

So, 4th of July, I played. It was fun. I ate, well, pretty much whatever I wanted.

Then the following work week, I was pretty good! Working out, weights, water, stayed within my points nearly every day. (Go me!)

Then, we went to Boone on Friday, and it was like, "All bets are off!" I ate the following:
- Black Cat burrito and guacamole. Many chips.
- Blueberry pancakes with soysage
- Chick Fil A
- Brownies
- Mini cupcakes
- Kettle Corn (BEST EVER! Ate a GIANT bag.)
- Ham biscuit
- Wine
- Blueberry and banana pancakes with soysage (We're obsessed with Melanie's in Boone.)
- Barbeque Chicken Sandwich (the Uncle Harry) at Macadoos
- Peach Sangria (first liquor drink I've had in Boone! It used to be illegal. Stupid.)
- Ruffles (REGULAR - not baked!) WITH ranch dressing. SO good.
- Brownie Sunday (1/3 of it, but it was massive.)

If you were keeping track, that's roughly 18 bajillion points.

So what was the damage? About a 4 pound gain. Some of it was probably water weight due to the staggering amount of salt in the above list.

Now what? Well, I'm back on track, and keeping well within my points. We've been eating at home, so that helps. Back in the gym tomorrow.

I really enjoyed not having to stress over my food this weekend. I think Preston liked it, too! I can't do it all of the time, but it was good to have a break.

In other news, the NCRC Women's Beginner Running Program starts this week! Can't wait to volunteer as a coach and encourage others to take off running. (Also, it was 101 degrees here today - heat index of 110. So. They'll need encouragement.)

Hope everyone's staying cool!


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