Monday, July 25, 2011

New haircut!

Check out the new cut! My high-school friend Nancy opened Sweet T Salon back in May, and Jordan has been moving me up the style charts ever since. Last time, I went with a nice, conservative bob - this time, we took it waaaay shorter and a bit darker. I'm a big fan. Plus, no ponytails needed to keep it off my neck when running! (these are the important things - right?)

In other news, the running group is going well. These ladies impress the hell out of me. I know, I know, I was in the same place a year ago, but seriously, you forget. Today we upped the intervals to 2 and 1s. They hung in there for a full mile and a half. I hung with the back of the pack and everyone did an amazing job. I try to talk to them because I remember how much faster it made the time go when I was having to try to carry on a conversation. I'm sure they think I'm a total chatty Cathy (Ok, guilty!) but I like to think it helps them get through.

Next group run I can make is Thursday - forecast - 100. AGAIN. Blerg. But, as we've said lots of times, if you can run in July and August in NC, you are DEFINITELY going to keep it up through October! I mean, how can you not?

On the eating front, I did my usual weekend binge - OK, weekend dinner binge. I ate like a bird all day (and worked out) friday and Saturday, but then ended up with nice big ol dinners (and accompanying drinks.) Didn't go over weekly points, but definitely blew them all in the 3 weekend days... maybe change my weigh-in day to Wednesday? Is that cheating?? :-) I can also blame some of the weight gain on my crazy weightlifting skillz - working my way through the New Rules and taking over the boy side of the gym. Boo ya.

Off to eat some pork tenderloin, fresh veggies, and orzo for dinner - yummy! (also, favorite bottle of tempernillo... life is good!)


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