Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 (fun!)

Happy 2011! We had a blast bowling, drinking, and hanging out with our bestest buddies. And I, due to procedures learned from many, many bad experiences, am not even remotely hungover. Tired? Yes. But I was pleased with my efforts.

Diet? Ok, so that might have gotten fudged a bit. But, my friend has joined up as well, so that makes 4 of us on the WW. As I've learned before, it is waaay easier to do this with a support team.

I almost blew my new years goal right away - I did NOT feel like moving at all this afternoon. Bowling at 1 am counts, right?

Thanks to Ultra-Supportive Husband, I got in some fun Wii Fit time. It's nothing serious, but it does get you moving more than, say, laying on the couch does.

We're having gorgeous weather here - it has been 60 degrees today! A little drizzly, but I'm really looking forward to a nice quick couple of miles tomorrow without having to carry any winter weather gear.

I hope you all had a great night! Here's to some awesome accomplishments in 2011!



  1. Happy New Year! And yes, in my book, bowling at 1:00 a.m. definitely counts! :)

    I'd like to know: Does blogging at the same hour count??

  2. Happy New Year! Bowling and Wii all in the same day. You're on your way!