Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hooray! It didn't snow last night!

For the first time this winter, the weather people predicted snow and it didn't happen. Usually, here in the NC, it's the other way around. We get super excited about the white stuff, and then we get rain. Or worse, ice.

But this winter is freaky. It has snowed enough to disrupt stuff about 5 times. I am OVER IT.

Thankfully, they were wrong, and it is a lovely day, and it was perfectly dry. Which means that Regan, Alisha and I were able to participate in the Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k! The Boring Runner set it up and it's fun to know that bloggy friends all over are participating today. Our time was a race PR! 38.15. Since it was incorporated into a longer 4-miler, we felt OK not pushing too hard.

Alisha was a great addition to our little team - running goes so much faster when you can chat the whole time! Also, we saw a whole slew of friends from the running group. It is so great to see those guys out on the trail! (also, made us feel super-popular since we knew every other person we passed.)

Quick update on the first week of the 100 Day Challenge from John Bingham (and my own personal goal) - it went well! Obviously the days I plan the running days, it's easier, but I've been able to make it happen. One thing I'll plan better next time - I did Yoga Booty Ballet yesterday (it is HYSTERICAL to watch me get my groove on. Happy no one was home). It is a fun video. Silly, but fun. But... BUTT. As in MY BUTT HURTS. And my abs. And, actually, my shoulders. So props to Gee and Jillian for what is obviously a great workout, but uh, I'll not be doing that the day before a long run!

Happy weekend!


  1. Great run! I also did this virtual race too.

  2. Oh no, good job for trying out a new workout. Don't you hate when doing something good for you disrupts your run? I hope the DVD keeps you motivated and having fun!

  3. Nice! It looks like you're having yet another snow scare. Stay warm!

  4. Sorry that I am just now getting to comment on this...

    So awesome that you were able to do it with friends. Way to go!