Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blue skies and sunshine!

We are shaping up to have a beeeayootiful day here in NC! And, bonus! We should get into the 40s! I know, I know, you're tired of hearing me complain about the weather, but seriously guys, usually the average is 50 degrees. This week, it barely got above freezing!

Our run this morning was awesome. Alisha is a fabulous addition to our little troupe. We had a solid 4.4, and our average is now almost always around the 12 minute mark. This is good for 2 reasons: 1) yay for being a little faster! 2) WW categorizes "running" as 12 minute/mile or faster. We've been cheating a smidge, but now, we honestly earned 12 points this morning!

How will 12 points impact my day? We are totes going to Rudinos for grinders and/or pizza. I might even have a beer! Then we're hitting the art museum for the Norman Rockwell exhibit. Yay Saturday!

We had our 2nd weekly WW "meeting" last night, (we had dinner with our friends who are also on the plan) and we had scrumptious broccoli and sirloin stir fry. A really nice substitute if you're feeling some chinese take out. Tonight, upon the request of U-S Husband, there will be an encore presentation of WW Chicken Pot Pie.

Woa. Stomach rumbling - time for post-run meal. Which, speaking of...

What's your best post-run snack? I usually go with something like a banana and some milk, but I'm thinking I might need more than that for longer runs. Thoughts?

Happy long-weekend, all!!!



  1. I like to have a protein shake after my run, within the first 15 mins. I don't like artificial sweeteners or flavours. I just bought one made with whey protein from New Zealand cows milk. It's supposed to better, or I'm just paying for the hype.

  2. mmmmm...I love a good green smoothie post long run. They're a good way to clean out the refrig too.