Monday, January 24, 2011

Running with Kittens

Today I had 2 runs... one was an awesome 3.5 with Regan, and the other was jogging laps around the inside of my house with a ribbon trailing behind me trying to wear out Wheezy. It didn't work. She's still totally wired.

But good lord she is cute!

In other news, I have decided that I need new running shoes. It's been 6 months and they've logged a lot of miles. But I'm SO ATTACHED. I feel like I should get them bronzed. I'm going to head to Fleet Feet this time - though I like Athlete's foot, I want to give FF the business since I'm on their racing team. If I get them tomorrow or Wednesday, then I'll get to try them out Thursday and Friday and have some new shiny sneaks for the NHL All Star 5k on Saturday!

Yes, the NHL AllStar game is coming to Raleigh. I'm a humongo hockey fan, but couldn't justify the $200 for the tickets, so I'm just doing the race. I get a long sleeve tshirt and a medal! Plus, U-S Husband said I should buy an All Star jersey. I think that's going to happen.

What else... oh work is crazy. But that's kind of how life in a small nonprofit works.

Tax season has started, so poor U-S Husband is spending entirely too much time at work. But that's kind of how life at a small accounting firm works.

So any runners have some lower back pain? I'm wicked sore and I'm not sure why. Maybe I overexerted on my gym work out Saturday? Could also be the shoes I suppose.

Thank god it's not monday much longer.



  1. Did Miss Wheezy finally get worn out?

    YAY for our race on Saturday! So much fun :-)

  2. 1-I love hockey too! Sidney Crosby is my pretend boyfriend. :)
    2-Have you read Born To Run? I say keep the shoes!!!
    3-I've had A LOT of back pain issues, but I've been doing really serious ab work and my pain has completely gone away. I think a strong core is key.

  3. Strong core is really the key, but if it is your lower back I can give you a stretch that might help...

    Stand with your back against the wall and round out your back (not arched) and push your tailbone into the wall. Bend at the waist and move around (side to side or bending lower) until you feel your sore spots stretching.

    If that doesn't make any sense I will try to explain in another way OR I can show you next weekend!!!!!!