Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long time no run

Blurg. I don't like going 4 days without running, but it's gonna happen this week. Ice and being busy made me an indoor worker outer this week. A little yoga, a little Netflix video, a little Wii Fit. Anything to get in those 3o minutes and build a little muscle.

The WW is going well - almost down 5 lbs! Slowly but surely, stuff is fitting better. I haven't felt hungry or like I'm missing out on anything either. We've been eating like kings - steak, salmon, yellow fin tuna ... but we've been eating at home. This does 2 major things - huge money savings, and huge calorie savings. I would rather have a perfectly cooked piece of salmon, some quinoia and a salad better than any burger and fries out there.

We're also trying to have people over for dinner rather than going out. We've started a "WW meeting" with some friends of ours where we take turns hosting dinner. Again, saving money, and eating better, plus, we're not sacrificing our social life.

Ya'll, I am digging on this whole, healthy, athlete, thing.



  1. Awesome job on the 5lbs. It has been super cold here plus we got snow earlier this week so I've been getting some unplanned rest days. I'm hoping tomorrow things will be warmer so I can run.