Friday, January 7, 2011

File this one under "Stuff I Never Thought I'd Do. EVER."

Today I, Sarah Mann Willcox, who doth run from zombies, joined a racing team.

I know. Crazy.

It's with Fleet Feet in Raleigh. There's not a whole lot to it - I wear the jersey to races, take some pictures, meet some friends. Maybe buy a kilt. (Still undecided on that particular piece of it.)

I haven't seen any pictures of the racing team that show girls that, well, look like me. (Read: round.) They swear you don't have to be an elite runner to be included. (Well, obviously, or I wouldn't be wearing this shirt right now.)

So, a new adventure. I really like Fleet Feet so I don't mind being a running billboard for them. Besides, the shirt has a super-cute jogging leprechaun on it (though it is on a Carolina blue background... less good.) And, gees, does it make my boobs look HUGE. Sorry about that.



  1. Congrats on your team. Our race team is full of all abilities and body shapes and everyone is encouraging and supportive of each other. My 2:09 half marathon PR was as much a big deal as our fastest guy's 2:39 marathon PR. I hope you like the team!

  2. So cool! YAY! We'll be so very cute in our tanks running together :-)

  3. I think you definately need the kilt and NEVER apologize for big boobs... :)