Thursday, March 17, 2011

Conversations I have daily.

"What I tell people when they want to start running or join the WW."

I talk a lot about my fitness and weightloss journey. I talk. I don't so much worry about oversharing. But you guys know this - you read the blog. I'm a living, breathing running/ww commercial. It's probably obnoxious, but as a result, people as a lot of questions. Suddenly, I'm an expert.

I get quite a few people that say things like, "Wow, weight watchers, huh? Aren't you starving?" or "Running is miserable." So, I thought I'd throw a few of the Frequently Asked Questions (and complaints) out here in bloggyland.

Q: (we'll start with one above) Don't you starve on Weight Watchers?
A: Obviously, no. In fact, some days, I have a tough time getting to all of my points. The new system is great - it lets you eat all of the fruit you want. I rock on some bananas and red grapes. And yes, I still eat ice cream. Even Goodberry's. (which technically is frozen custard.)

Q: How can a girl like me, with large, well, girls, run?

A: There are entire companies dedicated to this particular dillemma. I rock the Moving Comfort. It's fully adjustable and keeps the girls contained. I recommend Title Nine and their barbell system.
<--- This one has 5 barbells. Awesome.

Q: Doesn't running make you miserable? Runners look miserable. (This is from my dad)
A: Ok, we don't all look miserable. But frankly, we might sometimes because that is where a lot of us leave our stress. I leave it all out there on the pavement, so yes, sometimes I do look intense. Running gives me something else to focus on. Other things (particularly work) stop mattering so much. Running has made me much less uptight.

C: (for "complaint" rather than "question") I don't have time to run.
A: How do you figure? Even beginners can strap on a pair of shoes, head out the door, run about 2 miles in 30 or so minutes, and come back to the house. You can be showered and on to the next activity in under and hour. Hella easier than going to the gym. It's one Friends rerun. It's half of Law and Order SVU. Let's face it, it's a repeat anyways. GET OUTSIDE!

C: But it's COLD/HOT.
A: It's not that bad. Wimp. Buy the right clothes.

Q: What tips do you have if I wanted to start running?
  1. Find a buddy. Or 2 is better. Being responsible for your own fitness is one thing, being responsible for someone else is another entirely.
  2. Tell EVERYONE. Write a blog. Tell your co-workers, family, and friends. Sometimes even strangers. The more people who know what you're up to, the more people will ask and encourage you. Almost all of the feedback will be positive. Seriously.
  3. Buy the right bra and shoes. It's worth it.
  4. Take it easy. Even if you only run one minute at a time, you'e still doing it. You're still running.
  5. 5. Read blogs, books, etc. Get engaged in the running community. It's an amazing world. They are not elite snobs. Most runners are just like you and me - normal folks trying to set some awesome goals and get a little healthier. I recommend "The Courage to Start" by John "The Penguin" Bingham.
  6. Q: What about tips for WW?
  1. Find a buddy. 2 is better. Get your family on board.
  2. Tell Everyone. It is not a shame to be on a diet. But, it might keep your co-worker from encouraging you to eat that cookie, or your mom might have a salad handy instead of french fries next time you go over there. It's not like you can't indulge, but if your friends know, you can avoid a lot of the peer pressure that's o so fun.
  3. Be proud of every accomplishment. Earned 2 new activity points? You da MAN! Tried a new veggie? BOO YA.
  4. Think of food as fuel and enjoy it. It was only when I stopped thinking of food as security, but starting thinking of it as a way to get through my next run that I conqured my overeating tendencies. French fries don't go very far when you've got 8 miles to run. Every now and then, sure. But not every day. And now, I eat ice cream because I want to - not because it will make me feel better. Try new things! I have discovered butternut squash - DELISH.
  5. Read blogs. Get involved in the community. There are tons of us on the WW or Jenni Craig or whatever. It's not easy. But you'll be doing some amazing things for your body and your life.
Hmm. Lifestyle changes sorta have the same basic message don't they? Find support (literally and figuratively). Celebrate your successes. Have the courage to start. (Ok, that's cheesy, but let's face it, it's true.)



  1. Great stuff Sarah! Now if only I could take your advice to heart :)

  2. I came over here from Brandy's post - you are awesome! I want to share your post - is that ok??

  3. Sure, Jodi! Share away! Nice to "meet" you! :-)