Sunday, March 6, 2011

The craziness has ended!

Yay! My working life is about to get a lot easier.

1. Super-stressful meeting month is over. Hooray!
2. My boss has hired a new, quite smart, assistant. I can finally stop doing 2 full-time jobs!
3. I get to hire my own assistant. We have an intern that is starting part-time, but I'll have full-time help by July 1.
4. My boss is heading on a 3-month sabbatical at the end of this month. I'll miss her, but it will be an opportunity to work on some great projects that I've been putting off.

Now, for the fun stuff...

We ran the Run Green 8k downtown yesterday! It was my longest race to date, and I did it in a kilt! Aren't we cute?

The course was tough... you know how much I loooove hills.... well, there were A LOT of them. Big ones. But we actually did really well. We only took an "extra 30" once or twice, and didn't stop early on our running intervals, even if we were going up the hills the whole time.

I've got to stop worrying about our time so much though - it becomes all-consuming. "We're right on target," or, "we're going to finish in under 14 intervals," was the tune we were singing, but we are losing sight of the important part - we finished!

That is the only goal for the half-marthon - to finish. Who gives a hoot if we have an under 13 average?

Anyways, the race Saturday was great, and then it was followed by free beer! And then spending money at my most favorite local Raleigh store - Stitch! I used my groupon from ages ago and bought this for myself as a "Hooray, I got a promotion!" present. LOVE IT. It is pretty huge - but perfect for a "travel bag" for magazines, my kindle, camera, etc. I'm super-excited.

After our shopping excursion, we headed to the Busy Bee Cafe to celebrate Alisha's birthday. Happy Birthday, Alisha! Anywho, we had a good crowd and yummy food. We even got one of each of the desserts and shared them. Worth every point. Which, by the way, thanks to 12 activity points, I actually didn't go over! Even with 2 beers!

It was a pretty rocking day. Now I'm packing for my trip to the coast (would be like a mini-vacay except that U-S husband can't come with me) and listening to the pouring rain outside. The kitten is fascinated - she just can't quite figure what is going on out there! Feeling like a great rest day - though, I might bust out the wii fit if for no other reason than to watch my little mii character shrink down about 13 lbs... :-)


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your kilt....want!
    You look fabulous!